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Energy Science and Technology

EST 2. Energy and Society. 9 units (3-2-4); third term. Prerequisites: Ph 1ab, Ma 1ab, Ch 1ab. A discussion of where our energy comes from and how we use it. Resources of oil, coal, natural gas, oil sands, and shale gas. Alternative energy sources: hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, geothermal, solar photovoltaic, and solar thermal. Combustion, steam engines, gas turbines, internal-combustion engines, fuel cells and batteries. The electricity grid and transmission lines, agriculture and biofuels, freight and passenger transportation, and heating and lighting of buildings. Not offered on a pass/fail basis. Satisfies the menu requirement of the Caltech core curriculum. Not offered 2016–17

EST/EE/ME 109. Energy Technology and Policy. 9 units (3-0-6); first term. Prerequisites: Ph 1 abc, Ch 1 ab and Ma 1 abc. A discussion of how energy technology interacts with government policy. Renewable sources and the electricity grid. The shale gas revolution and fracking impacts. Electric vehicles and car mileage standards. Coal mining by mountaintop removal and pollution. Peak oil and the debate on limits to growth. Resource models and climate-change policy. Not offered 2016–17

EE/CS/EST 135. Power System Analysis. 9 units (3-3-3); second term. For course description, see Electrical Engineering.

EST/MS/ME 199. Special Topics in Energy Science and Technology. Units to be arranged. Subject matter will change from term to term depending upon staff and student interest, but will generally center on modes of energy storage and conversion. Instructor: Staff.