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Physical Education

PE 1. Student Designed Fitness. 3 units; first, second, third terms; May only be used for 3 units of the 9-unit physical education requirement. This course provides students with knowledge and practical opportunities to develop and implement an individualized program to successfully accomplish their physical fitness goals. Detailed proposals are developed during week two of the term, and journals are maintained throughout the term to monitor progress. Instructor: Staff

PE 2. Healthier Living. 3 units; second term. May only be used for 3 units of the 9-unit physical education requirement. This course is designed to educate students and increase awareness of the dimensions of health and wellness. The course will be implemented through personal assessment, active participation, guest lectures, and engaging dialogue. In addition, the course will emphasize positive personal healthful decisions and encourage students to adopt behaviors to minimize health risks, enhance overall wellness, and foster healthy active lifestyles across the lifespan. Instructor: Staff

PE 3. Hiking. 3 units; first, second, third terms. This course is designed to provide students an opportunity to explore the outdoors of Pasadena and the San Gabriel Mountains while participating in physical fitness activities. Learn about proper hiking gear, basics for safety, trip plans, and how to research trails in the local area. The class will meet on campus and then travel to one of the local trails for an afternoon hike. Students will be asked to use maps, compass, and GPS devices on various hikes to teach them proper use of all forms of location guidance. Along the trail, students will be asked to identify local flora and vegetation, learn trail etiquette, discuss survival scenarios in the event of emergency, and practice basic trail first aid. Topics such as trail nutrition and hydration will be presented, and students will create a search and rescue plans in the event of an overnight emergency. This class will only be offered on Friday afternoon in the fall and spring, meeting once per week for a three-hour block to accommodate travel off campus. Instructor: Staff.

PE 4. Introduction to Power Walking. 3 units; third term. Introduction to walking for fitness. Emphasis on cardiovascular benefits for a healthy lifestyle. The program is progressive and suitable for walkers of all levels. Instructor: Staff.

PE 5. Beginning Running - Half Marathon Training. 3 units; third term. This course helps anyone learn to conquer the distance of a half marathon, regardless of your previous running experience. Beginners welcome! Learn to complete a distance event using the Jeff Galloway method of training., which employs run/walk cycles to provide runners with rest and recovery while tackling the long mileage of a half marathon. This course will give students a training schedule, determine the individually appropriate run walk ratio, and help students find an appropriate pace that fits their running ability. Class sessions include a short lecture and run, with students designing a long run course for themselves and running longer mileage on a third day outside of class meetings. Short topics such as hydration, nutrition, race strategy, proper clothing, and shoe choices will be given at the beginning of each session. Speed work options are provided for runners who want to increase their pace. Students are encouraged but not required to pick a race to participate in toward the end of the term. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 6. Core Training, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Learn to develop functional fitness using core stability training techniques that focus on working deep muscles of the entire torso at once. The course is taught using exercises that develop core strength, including exercises on a stability ball, medicine ball, wobble boards as well as with Pilates exercise programs. Instructor: Staff.

PE 7. Speed and Agility Training, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; second term. Instruction to increase foot speed and agility with targeted exercises designed to help the student increase these areas for use in competitive situations. Instruction will focus on increasing foot speed, leg turnover, sprint endurance, and competitive balance. Proper technique and specific exercises as well as development of an individual or sport-specific training workout will be taught. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 8. Fitness Training, Beginning. 3 units; first, second, third terms. An introductory course for students who are new to physical fitness. Students will be introduced to different areas of fitness such as weight training, core training, walking, aerobics, yoga, swimming, and cycling. Students will be able to design an exercise program for lifelong fitness. Instructor: Staff.

PE 9. Soccer. 3 units; third term. Fundamental instruction on shooting, passing, trapping, dribbling, penalty kicks, offensive plays, defensive strategies, and goal keeping. Course includes competitive play using small field and full field scrimmages. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 10. Aerobic Dance. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Each class includes a thorough warm-up, a cardiovascular workout phase that includes a variety of conditioning exercises designed to tone and strengthen various muscle groups, and a relaxation cool-down and stretch, all done to music. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 14. Basketball Skills, Beginning and Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; third term. Features fundamental instruction on shooting, dribbling, passing, defensive positioning, and running an offense. Course includes competitive play and free-throw shooting. Instructors: Staff. 

PE 20. Fencing, Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced. 3 units; first term. Beginning fencing includes basic techniques of attack, defense, and counter-offense. Lecture topics include fencing history, strategy, scouting and analysis of opponents, and gamesmanship. Intermediate/ Advanced covers foil theory and techniques, group drillwork, and video analysis. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 24. Yoga, Beginning. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Hatha Yoga is a system of physical postures designed to stretch and strengthen the body, calm the nervous system, and center the mind. It is a noncompetitive activity designed to reduce stress for improved health of body and mind while increasing flexibility, strength, and stamina, and reducing chance of athletic injury. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 27. Ultimate Frisbee. 3 units; third term. Instruction will center on developing students’ knowledge of techniques, rules, strategy, etiquette, and safety regulations of the game. Students will develop the ability to perform all skills necessary to play the game confidently on a recreational basis. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 28. Flying Saucers. 3 units; first, second terms. This course is designed to provide students an opportunity to learn proper techniques, form, rules, and game play for various Frisbee activities including Frisbee golf, Frisbee tag, and Ultimate Frisbee while promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors. Students will also improve hand-eye coordination, agility, and foot speed. Instructors: Staff.

PE 30. Golf, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. 3 units; second, third terms. Beginning course covers fundamentals of the game, including rules, terminology, etiquette, basic grip, set-up, swing, and club selection for each shot. The following shots will be covered: full swing (irons and woods), chip, pitch, sand, and putting. Intermediate course will focus on swing development of specialty shots and on course play management. Advanced instruction covers course management and mental aspects of performance. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 31. Indoor/Outdoor Cycling. 3 units; first term. During this introductory course surveying a variety of cycling disciplines including mountain biking, road biking, cyclocross, velodrome, and indoor cycling, students will learn proper cycling techniques, bike handling, set-up, safety, and maintenance. Students will also learn and apply principles of lifetime physical fitness utilizing major components of cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. It is recommended students have a bicycle however a limited number of bikes will be provided as needed. Students will be required to have and wear a helmet for all class cycling activities. Instructors: Staff.

PE 33. Beginning Triathlon Training. 3 units; first term. This course is designed to help beginners learn to train for a sprint distance triathlon. All three disciplines will be taught, with specific technique instruction in each area. Students will learn how to develop a training schedule, choosing the correct event for their skill, nutrition, safety, and race preparation. The course will include techniques to increase transition efficiency, trouble shoot issues on the route and strategies to record a personal best in future races. Safe training to reduce injury and assure a healthy race is the foundation of this course. Instructor: Staff.

PE 35. Diving, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; first term. Students will learn fundamentals of springboard diving to include basic approach, and five standard dives. Intermediate course includes instruction in the back somersault, forward somersault, forward somersault full twist, and reverse somersault. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 36. Swimming, Beginning/Intermediate and Advanced. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Instruction in all basic swimming strokes, including freestyle, elementary backstroke, racing backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly. Advanced course focuses on proper technique of the four competitive strokes using video and drills along with instruction on training methods and proper workout patterns. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 37. Beginning Kayaking. 3 units; first term. This course will provide instruction in basic kayaking skills including kayaking outfitting, stroke technique, self-rescue and kayak maneuvering. The goal is for students to learn to navigate turbulent ocean waters or through whitewater rapids on rivers. No kayaking experience is required. Instruction will focus on whitewater application to ocean kayaking. Students will learn basic paddle techniques and craft control, and a self rescue technique progression culminating in the C-to-C kayak roll. Trips to local bays and rivers will be included and are optional. Class meetings will be held in the Caltech pool. Course Requirement - Students must be proficient swimmers or be able to successfully complete an in-water swim test. Instructors: Staff.

PE 38. Water Polo. 3 units; second term. Basic recreational water polo with instruction of individual skills and team strategies. A background in swimming is encouraged. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 40. Beginning Self Defense. 3 units. Students will learn basics of keeping themselves safe when an unknown person threatens their safety. The course is focused on staying safe while rendering an assailant temporarily unable to give chase to allow the student to get help. Techniques taught will assist students in learning vulnerable targets to disable an attacker, using their own body to maximize damage to allow escape, and finding methods to generate force. Using an assailant’s attack against him to maintain balance and administer the greatest degree of force necessary to disable a threat is the foundation of the course.

PE 44. Karate (Shotokan), Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced. 3 units; first and third terms. Fundamental self-defense techniques including form practice and realistic sparring. Emphasis on improving muscle tone, stamina, balance, and coordination, with the additional requirement of memorizing one or more simple kata (forms). Instructor: Staff. 

PE 46. Karate (Tang Soo Do), Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced. 3 units. Korean martial art focusing on self-defense and enhancement of physical and mental health. Practical and traditional techniques such as kicks, blocks, hyungs (forms) are taught. Intermediate/Advanced level incorporates technique combinations, sparring skills, jumping and spinning kicks, and history and philosophy.

PE 48. T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced. 3 units; second term. Chinese movement art emphasizing relaxation and calm awareness through slow, flowing, meditative movement using only minimum strength needed to accomplish the action. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 50. Badminton, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; third term. Basic skills will be taught, including grips, services, overhead and underhand strokes, and footwork. Rules, terminology, and etiquette are covered. Intermediate skills such as drives, serve returns, forehand and backhand smash returns, attacking clears, and sliced drop shots are taught. Singles and doubles play along with drill work throughout the term. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 54. Racquetball, Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced. 3 units; first, second, third term. Fundamentals of the game will be emphasized, including rules, scoring, strategy, and winning shots. All types of serves will be covered, as well as a variety of shots to include kill, pinch-off, passing, ceiling, and off-the-backwall. Singles and doubles games will be played. Intermediate/Advanced course will review all fundamentals with a refinement of winning shots, serves, and daily games. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 56. Squash, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced. 3 units; second term. Learn by playing as basic rules and strokes are taught. Fundamentals to include proper grip, stroke, stance, and positioning, along with serve and return of serve. Intermediate and Advanced course will concentrate on skill development with inclusion of forehand and backhand drives, lobs, volleys, and drops, with emphasis on court movement, shot selection, and tactics. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 60. Tennis, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Stroke fundamentals, singles and doubles play, plus rules, terminology, and etiquette are covered in all classes. Beginning course emphasizes groundstrokes, volleys, serve, and grips. Beginning/Intermediate course is for those players between levels and will concentrate on strategy, drills, and match play. Intermediate level focuses on improving technique, footwork, and court positioning, with instruction on approach shots, volleys, overheads, and lobs. Advanced course fine tunes each individual’s skills while targeting weaknesses. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 70. Weight Training, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Active participation in a strength and conditioning program designed for individual skill level and desired effect. Course will enlighten students on various methods, terminology, and techniques in isokinetic strength and cardiovascular fitness training. Instructor: Staff.

PE 71. Advanced Techniques of Human Performance. 3 units; first, third terms. Prerequisites: PE 70, instructor approval . This course is intended for those experienced with high level physical training. This course helps individuals improve sport and physical fitness skills by addressing components including muscular strength, foot speed, agility, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 77. Volleyball, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. 3 units; third term. Fundamental instruction on drills, strategies, and rules, with game-playing opportunities. Basics of serve, pass, set, spike, defense, and court position will be taught. Intermediate level focuses on skill development to a more competitive standard and features multiple offenses and understanding officiating. Advanced courses emphasize specialization of all skills, court position, and multiple offenses and defenses. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 81. Bouldering. 3 units; first, second term. Taught at the Caltech bouldering cave, Brown Gym. During this introductory course to bouldering, students will learn terminology, how to properly fit into a harness, set-up and use a tubular belay device, and belay commands. This course will emphasize muscle strength and endurance, balance, and flexibility, as well as be challenging for mind and body. Instructors: Staff. 

PE 82. Rock Climbing, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Taught at the Caltech Climbing Wall, Brown Gym. Basic skills will be covered to utilize each student’s strength and endurance while learning to climb safely. Use of climbing rope and other equipment for belaying, rappelling, and emergency ascent will be taught. Instructor: Staff. 

PE 84. Table Tennis, Beginning/Intermediate. 3 units; second term. Introductory course to provide general knowledge of equipment, rules, and basic strokes, including topspin drive, backspin chop, and simple block in both forehand and backhand. Multiball exercise utilizing robot machines and video. Intermediate class covers regulations for international competition and fundamentals of winning table tennis, including footwork drills, smash, serve, and attack. Instructor: Staff. 

Intercollegiate Teams 

PE 85 ab. Intercollegiate Track and Field Teams. 3 units; second, third terms. Coach: Raphelson.

PE 87 ab. Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving Teams. 3 units; first, second terms. Coach: Hughes.

PE 89 ab. Intercollegiate Fencing Teams. 3 units; first, second terms. Coach: Corbit.

PE 90 abc. Intercollegiate Water Polo Teams. 3 units; first, second, third terms. Coach: Bonafede.

PE 91 ab. Intercollegiate Basketball Teams. 3 units; first, second terms. Coaches: Eslinger, Reyes.

PE 92. Intercollegiate Soccer Teams. 3 units; first term. Coaches: Murray, Houck.

PE 93 ab. Intercollegiate Baseball Team. 3 units; second, third terms. Coach: Mark.

PE 95 ab. Intercollegiate Tennis Teams. 3 units; second, third terms. Coach: Gamble.

PE 97. Intercollegiate Cross-Country Teams. 3 units; first term. Coach: Raphelson.

PE 99. Intercollegiate Volleyball Team. 3 units; first term. Coaches: Gardner.