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Anthropology (An) Graduate Courses (2021-22)

An 101. Selected Topics in Anthropology. Units to be determined by arrangement with the instructor: offered by announcement. Topics to be determined by instructor. Instructor: Staff.
An 102. Ancient Tech: The Archaeology of Revolutionary Inventions. 9 units (3-0-6): third term. Technology has influenced our lives for over 3 million years - ever since human ancestors crafted the first stone tools. In this class we will investigate ancient inventions that transformed human societies. Using archaeological methods, theory, and evidence we will reconstruct past technologies and their social consequences. We will evaluate why and how similar technologies arose independently in different cultural contexts. The class will focus on inventions in four realms: 1) stone, bone and metal weaponry, 2) writing and other record keeping systems like the Inka khipu, 3) land transformation and agriculture, and 4) transportation including networks like the Silk Road. Throughout the term, students will work on an anthropological research project of their choice. Not offered 2021-2022.
An/PS 127. Corruption. 9 units (3-0-6): second term. Prerequisites: AN 14 or PS 12. Corruption taxes economies and individuals in both the developing and the developed world. We will examine what corruption means in different places and contexts, from grand financial scandals to misappropriation of all manner of public resources. How do we measure corruption? What are its costs and social consequences? What have culture and psychology got to do with it? How much do governance and a free press matter? What are the potential solutions? Students will work closely with the professor to develop an independent and original research project of their choice. Limited enrollment. Instructor: Ensminger.

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