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Control & Dynamical Systems (CDS) Undergraduate Courses (2021-22)

CDS 90 abc. Senior Thesis in Control and Dynamical Systems. 9 units (0-0-9): first, second, third terms. Prerequisites: CDS 110 or CDS 112 (may be taken concurrently). Research in control and dynamical systems, supervised by a Caltech faculty member. The topic selection is determined by the adviser and the student and is subject to approval by the CDS faculty. First and second terms: midterm progress report and oral presentation during finals week. Third term: completion of thesis and final presentation. Not offered on a pass/fail basis. Instructor: Staff.
CDS 110. Introduction to Feedback Control Systems. 9 units (3-3-3): third term. Prerequisites: Ma 1abc and Ma 2/102 or equivalents. An introduction to analysinkis and design of feedback control systems, including classical control theory in the time and frequency domain. Input/output modeling of dynamical systems using differential equations and transfer functions. Stability and performance of interconnected systems, including use of block diagrams, Bode plots, the Nyquist criterion, and Lyapunov functions. Design of feedback controllers in state space and frequency domain based on stability, performance and robustness specifications. Instructor: Seinfeld.
CDS 112. Optimal Control and Estimation. 9 units (3-0-6): second term. Prerequisites: CDS 110 (or equivalent) and CDS 131. Optimization-based design of control systems, including optimal control and receding horizon control. Introductory random processes and optimal estimation. Kalman filtering and nonlinear filtering methods for autonomous systems. Instructor: Murray.
CDS 131. Linear Systems Theory. 9 units (3-0-6): first term. Prerequisites: Ma 1b, Ma 2, ACM/IDS 104 or equivalent (may be taken concurrently). Basic system concepts; state-space and I/O representation. Properties of linear systems, including stability, performance, robustness. Reachability, observability, minimality, state and output-feedback. Instructor: Chung.
CDS 141. Network Control Systems. 9 units (3-2-4): third term. Variety of case studies and projects from control, communication and computing in complex tech, bio, neuro, eco, and socioeconomic networks, particularly smartgrid, internet, sensorimotor control, cell biology, medical physiology, and human and animal social organization. Emphasis on leveraging universal laws and architectures but adding domain specific details. Can be taken after CDS 231 (to see applications of the theory) or before (to motivate the theory). Instructor: Doyle.
CDS 190. Independent Work in Control and Dynamical Systems. Units to be arranged: first, second, third terms. Prerequisites: CDS 110. Research project in control and dynamical systems, supervised by a CDS faculty member.

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